At the same time, they will release their third mini-album ‘TREASURE EP.3: One To All’ (Treasure EP.3: One to All).

Prior to the comeback, ATI’s unveiled the “WAVE” music video teaser, which appeals to ILLUSION on the 8th. The teaser inside the open teaser boasts a liberal atmosphere with the seaside feel of the season.

In particular, the preview video “TREASURE EP.3: One To All” was unveiled on the 9th, and it includes tracks of various genres to be expressed by the colors of the artist, as well as news of the members’ Expectations for mini albums are also rising.

AIDS, which has been receiving great public attention due to its unusual contents, is adding 「ATEEZ’s Next Song」 project to the stage to show its music through the music broadcasting.

ATI’s who will start full-fledged activities will have a spectacular comeback show on Mnet ‘ATEEZ: TREASURE MAP’ which is broadcasted at 7 pm on October 10.

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