Group GOT7 prepared another ‘fan gift’ after ‘previous class comeback show’.

GOT7 is a fan gift prepared ambitiously with the comeback show, which is a reality show ‘MOTH’ s reality show ‘GOT7 Hard Carry’ Season 2 will return to the 3rd album ‘Present: YOU’ on the 17th.

‘GOT7 Hard Carry’ is a reality program where members become direct directors and make content from planning to composition, directing, and appearance. Season 1 of ‘GOT7 Hard Carry’, which was broadcasted from October to December 2016, was loved by many viewers with ‘Jungdeok Broadcasting’, which was a huge release of the hidden charm of the members. It also proved popular as it exceeded the cumulative 87 million views in August.

Season 2 will be the same as Season 1 and will include the challenge of GOT7 to make a new ‘Hard Carry List’ for every single season. In addition, ‘Hard Carry 2 of GOT7’ has more artistic elements, and it will be more brilliant with the chemistry of the Seven members, the artistic sense, and the upgraded charms. It is expected that the upgraded artistic sense of God Se7n has grown through the world tour for the past two years.

‘Hard Carry 2 of GOT7’ was first filmed in Hong Kong in August, and on the 23rd of the same month, a certification shot taken by 7 members of Hong Kong’s major landmarks through the SNS channel was released. have.

Ahn Hye-rin PD, who directed the program, said, “Although the ‘Hard Carry of GOT7’ was not planned as a season-free program, there was a desperate request from fans for Season 2, and GOT7 members also planned for Season 2, FIG. 2 so that a variety of content gotta ready to knock asking a lot of love, “he said.

the first broadcast of” hard carry two GOT7 ‘is 7:00 Wednesday September 26 evening and simulcast via Naver v apps on Mnet, M2, GOT7, will be exclusively digital contents released through the week the broadcast immediately after the M2 channel.

on the other hand GOT7 prior to the “hard carry two GOT7” 17 days. “GOT7 COMEBACK SHOW: present: YOU ‘to meet the fans

17 pm 6 when the regular third album: GOT7 revealing the ‘Present yOU’ is to be simulcast on the day 20:00 Mnet and digital studio M2. and starred in ‘GOT7 cOMEBACK sHOW:: Present yOU ‘

the comeback show beyond a global trend in Korea GOT7 stones growing in stone As exclusive first comeback show broadcast in progress and add more meaning.

In particular, GOT7, who has successfully completed the world tour ‘GOT7 2018 WORLD TOUR’ which turns 17 cities around the world, will be releasing the 3rd regular title track ‘Lullaby’ stage at the comeback show.

In addition, the stage of the activity songs of the past are newly introduced, and the fans who have been cheering for a long time with ‘the previous class comeback show’ especially give a special reward. As well as the comeback show members are waiting for, GOT7 will also be releasing a number of specially prepared only for the comeback show.

GOT7’s comeback show will be available on September 17th at 8pm on Mnet and M2’s YouTube and Facebook channels.

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