According to JYP Entertainment, group GOT7 member Snake will perform a solo fan meeting tour ‘BAMBAM THE FIRST FAN MEETING TOUR’ and ‘BLACK FEATHER’ IN THAILAND ‘in total of 7 performances in 5 cities in Thailand in March.

This is the first solo fan meeting tour to be held with the name of a snake snake in his own name.

The tour will be held from March 1st to 3rd in Bangkok, 9th on Nakorn Racha Shima, 10th on December, 16th on Phuket and 17th on Chiangmai. .

In particular, the Bangkok concert, which opened its doors to the national tour, recorded two concerts in advance, and thanks to the enthusiastic support of local fans, it quickly sold out more performances, achieving ‘all three performances sold out’.

Snake Snake is a group in Thailand, boasting unparalleled popularity in solo activities. As soon as we announced this fan meeting and opened Ticket Booking, it took 1st place in Thailand Twitter real time trend ranking.

GOT7 has been on the top of the most-cited hashtag charts in Thailand in 2018 and showed off the dignity of the K-pop delegation group. In addition, SNS account of Snakes ranked first among the most mentioned Thai entertainment accounts in 2018, and it became hot local popularity.

On the other hand, GOT7 develops diverse activities in 2019 and meets with fans. The third mini-album ‘I WILL NOT LET YOU GO’ released on the 30th of last month in Japan took the top spot on the Oricon Daily and Weekly Album charts.

The album, which was released through iTunes on the 1st, is ranked in the top 10 in each region, including 2nd in Thailand iTunes album chart, 4th in Singapore and 8th in India.

The new GOT7 new unit Jus2 (Jus2) will release its first mini-album ‘FOCUS’ at 6 pm on March 5 and will commemorate seven new overseas titles such as Macao, Tokyo, Taipei, Osaka, Jakarta, Bangkok and Singapore The showcase tour of 10 performances in the city is held.

Jus2 will release the Japan edition of the album ‘FOCUS’ in Japan.

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