On September 5th, the first MBC two-part pilot pilot ‘Sister Nye Long’ (planned Choi Yun-jeong / director Lee Min-hee) was a topic that was starred by actor Han Ye Seul as the first performing MC in 19 years. This is a new concept makeover talk show where the best experts gather in private salons and transform them from head to toe.

Lee is in charge of make-up and will be active as a beauty creator with stylists Han Hye-yeon and hair designer Cha Hong.

Director Lee Bae, who has emerged as one of the hottest beauty creators by creating ‘face of cloth’ with makeup, has gained explosive support of more than 2 million individual channel subscribers. Serves a variety of artists such as IU cover up with the resin, Seolhyun, Hyo got the nickname “Celebrity copier ‘, or by introducing a’ crew to follow up ” when sanggyeonrye useful makeup ’emerged as the’ view almot ‘savior.

Drag makeup, which is based on the professional experiences of the former special makeup team, is considered to be high-quality and original. Most of all, he is proud of his witty brilliant talk and has played a big role in various entertainment programs.

“I’m not enough to be between Han Hye-yeon and Cha Hong,” Lee said in his first recording. “I posted the news on SNS and said, ‘You really succeeded.’ It is becoming a hot topic in the world of beauty. ”

In particular, Lee Bae-bae released the behind-the-scenes of the idol’s self-styling, attracting everyone’s attention. Lee said, “There are a lot of girl group friends around, but when I go out alone, I want to decorate beautifully, but I’m not used to it.” He also emphasized that it is necessary element.

The makeup of ‘God’s Hand’ will reveal the makeup of the client, which will be revealed on September 5th and 12th and Thursday at 10: 5 pm at MBC ‘s sister’s malong.

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