KBS 2TV New drama ‘Parfum’, actress Kwon Hee-hee, who was confirmed as the protagonist, has filmed bnt and pictorial film.

On the 5th, bnt published a picture of Go Won Hee.

She has a mild image and a splashing charm. She has three moods in the bohemian mood that brings warmth to this picture, a shoot concept that shows the charm of a girl’s crush, and a shot that captures the appearance of an alluring actress. I digested and caught the attention of the staff.

Kwon, who made his debut through CF ‘Our Chair’ in 2010, is a member of JTBC ‘War of Flowers’ – KBS 1TV ‘Cat is in’, KBS 2TV ‘The Strongest Deliverer’, JTBC ‘Wrestling Tea Waikiki’ (Kim Jin-do), and ‘Sinful Girl’ (Director Kim Seok-suk).

He said, “I will be surprised to see the work, and I have grown tremendously without knowing it.” The more people I watched, the more amazing the viewers were ” I conveyed my testimony.

I told him that the usual strong image of Lee Ji-yoon, who showed the charm of anti-war, was not going to be good around him, but he said that he got into a lot of hard work due to his words. I also spoke about ‘Worakcha I Waikiki 1’, which was publicized to the public. When asked about his actual personality, he was “quiet and ridiculous” as he was once again showing a youthful performance in the role of “Gangseo Jin” following “The Strongest Deliverer”. “It was good to breathe well with the actors in the” Wacka Cha Cha Waikiki 1 “,” All the actors have always gathered once a week to get to the 10th episode at the time of filming, I did a lot of reading and even rehearsed at the JTBC ‘Little League’ set.

” In an interview that lasted about an hour, he revealed an episode that he had left for studying in China. Ko Won – hee said, “One day, I went to see if my parents were worried about my career, and told me that I should go to a big country from that college, so I went to study in China (Dandong) I said, “I smiled. Ten years since debut. After the work, he had suffered a slump in every vacancy, saying that “the actor is a temporary worker who is contracted to the day job” and that he is always in a state of anxiety.

Then, in response to these troubles, Lee Joo-seung, Kwon Hee-hee, who has been active in the past six years as an exclusive carrier of Asiana Airlines. When asked why he was able to play for a long time, he said, “Maybe it is because I have been quietly working without a witch.” When he asked if he was the youngest aviation model, he said, “I am deprived of my youngest model record now. I know that Lee Su-min has been selected at a younger age.”

“I eat only one meal a day,” he said, “to eat the food I want to eat,” he said, maintaining the body weight of 40kg at 170cm tall. For skin care, she said, “I sleep with only one night cream before sleeping. I think cleansing is also important. I usually do 3 cleansing, but I wash it with oil, foam cleansing and cleansing soap.”

When I was not working, I asked how to spend the day, “I am raising a lot of animals, I am raising 5 cats and dogs, and I feel like my main office is a butler and I live in a children’s house. “He said. When asked about the actors who want to breathe together, she chose Rohmodel Jeon Do-yeon, saying, “I do not care if I am a passer-by, so I wish I could meet you in the same work.” Lee Cheong-ae, who has recently introduced her as an actress who has always admired her reputation, expressed her respect for her, saying, “I want to see the sincere communication with fans through SNS.”

When asked about his desire to enter a commercial film, he said, “I want to do it too much, but the threshold of the barriers to enter the commercial film is higher than I thought. Nowadays, there are so many noir films, It is hard to be fierce. ”

“I would like to live with five characters. It does not matter if it’s a small role, but it’s okay with movies, dramas, plays, etc.” “I have been studying English for a long time,” he said with an aspiring ambition.

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