The Girlfriend released the daybreak version of her second regular album ‘Time for us’ through her official SNS today (27th). She released images of Yurin, Yuju, Mystery, Thumbnail and Unit Teaser.

In the public photos, girlfriend wears a pure white dress and catches the eye with a more mature atmosphere with neat visuals. Four people are in a secret time with their hands held together in the rising sunlight.

Jerin gave the dress with a glamorous accessory by adding points to her dress with a brilliant accessory, and the mystery completed a romantic atmosphere with a lace detailing dress and a hair band. In addition, it attracts attention with different charm to the attention which attracts attention with the form of the shy girl and the thumb which transforms into a lovely winter girl.

On January 14, 2008, her second regular album, “Time for us,” is making a comeback. Previously, the image of the galaxy ‘s teaser image followed by the images of Yelin, Yuju, Mystery, and Thumb were released and the expectation of the fans reached the peak.

The title song ‘Must’ is a song expressing the heart of a deeper girl compared to ‘Sun’, which does not yet come up with a favorite person. If the previous song ‘Night’ was a sensitive time to think about a loved one, I sing the more deep and faint sensibility of the girls who meet the rising sun through ‘

Meanwhile, her girlfriend will release her second regular album ‘Time for us’, including the title song ‘Must’, at 6 pm on January 14 next year.

Netizens use various SNS and portal sites to say, “It is very beautiful. And “waiting for a comeback day on January 14, 2019,” and so on.

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