Kwon Yi-ryu had mentioned the SNSD members.

Kwon Yi-ryu said, “At the production presentation of Henri Grandpa and Na” at the Daehan Uniplex 1st Hall in Jongno-gu, Seoul on 26th, “It is the first play, so the burden is complete. I think it is a priority and I am working hard. ”

Girls’ Generation members are also supported. “When I said that I was going to go into the work, and when the knight came out, Sunny did not go on a trip with the teachers,” Grandpa, please ask me, I’ll see you, “I came to see this work. I told them I was going to see them. I was able to tell them the tips to get to know each other quickly. ”

In the meantime, “Yoona, Seo Hyun and everyone is curious, cheering a lot of theater challenges,” expressed affection.

Henri and I are a drama that delightfully depicts the process of becoming a special existence in each other’s life, with Henry, a hard-tempered character, and Constance, a college student who wanders in search of a dream. It realistically captures the scars, fear, anxiety and joy that we face in our lives. It is a story of the growth of the characters through the intergenerational conflict and communication.

It is the work of French playwright Ivan Calbérac, who premiered in France in 2012 and received the Barière Foundation’s play in 2015. It was also made into the same name movie in the same year. It was the first in Korea in 2017.

The performances include Lee Dae-jung, Cho Dong-hwan, Kim Eun-hee, and Yuseu from Lee Soon-jae, Shin Gu, Kwon Yul-ri and Chae Soo-bin. Lee Soon-jae and Shin-gu appearing in 2017 have always been in trouble with the people around him because of his rough character, but he plays the role of Henry who does not hesitate to mentor the dream of Constance.

Chae Suebin and Girls’ Generation Kwon Yulrye wander around without knowing what they want, but they play Constance, a college student who is looking for a dream with the help of Henry. Actor Kim Dae-ryeong and Cho Dong-hwan were double-cast in Paul’s role as a son of Henry who struggled with his long-standing conflict with his father. Paul’s wife, Kim Jae-hee and Ji-su is a typical French ludicrous lady who has unique youthfulness and unique charm.

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