This summer’s strongest hit surpassed 8 million viewers on Saturday, August 24, the 25th day of its release.

The movie ‘Exit’ is the fastest ever released in the summer with 8 million viewers, and it is the best-selling film this summer. “ Exit ” was weaker than its competitors in Hanwha and foreign currency before its release, but when I opened the lid, I was able to stand out as the strongest player in the summer of 2019 thanks to a fresh and textured story that combines laughter and thrill. . On the other hand, celebrating the breakthrough of 8 million viewers, we also released the certified shots of directors Jo Jung-seok, Lim Yoon-a and Lee Sang-geun. The actors and directors who smile brightly in the picture thanked him for his rejuvenation like the movie, drawing the number 800 using fireworks.

In particular, the certified photo is related to the scene in the movie, so if you watch the movie, you will feel special. Exit is a disaster escape action film that depicts the extraordinary courage and the base of the youth baeksu yongnam and junior college student Euiju who escape from the city covered with poisonous gas. EXIT is running toward higher ground, exceeding 8 million viewers. It is being praised along with a box office cruise with the enthusiastic support and support of the Korean audience.

This exciting new wind in the movie ‘Exit’ has a strong reputation for Lee Gu-dong’s popularity and word of mouth. 25 days after its release, the CGV Golden Egg Index is 97% of immovability and the Naver audience rating is 9 points. The box office trend of ‘Exit’ is similar to ‘Aladdin’, which was a huge success in the first half. After seeing a high score for nearly a month after opening, the scores and competing new competitors remained unchanged from the top of the box office. have. Above all, it seems that the story’s charm that the whole family can casually enjoy it fits the audience’s choice.

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