Choi Soo-young mentioned Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon.

On April 10, KBS Cool FM ‘Park Won’ s Kiss the Radio ‘appeared in the movie’ Memoirs of a Dead End ‘starring Choi Soo – young.

Choi said, “I exhibited solo music for the first time in the exhibition last year. This year, we have a series of films. I am worried about half the worry. ” When Park Won asked how it felt when he released the film and when he released the album, he said, “I never expected to have a solo debut title when I released a solo song. I just wanted to tell my fans to my voice. I was burdened with the title of solo debut. ”

After listening to Taeyeon’s new song ‘Four Seasons’, Choi said, “The song was released in the spring but it was in autumn. It is a song that can change atmosphere. ” “I do not have a genre that I just think of when I’m in a hurry, because I can digest all the genres, and I’m expecting a song to come out every time a new song comes out.”

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