Uno Yunho’s first mini-album “True Colors,” released on June 12 at 6 pm on various music sites, consists of six songs in various genres including the title track ‘Follow’ I can also meet the song “Hit Me Up” that Giri Boy participated in featuring, and it seems to gather topics.

In particular, the track ” Hit Me Up ” is a Nudisco-style pop dance number with an impressive groovy bass line. It contains the candid face of the lover who is tempted to leave the drive together with the night that he does not want to fall asleep. The ‘orange’ means that the night road with orange light is lit up with ‘orange carpet’, maximizing the cheerful and bright atmosphere of the song.

In addition, the teaser image of ‘Hit Me Up’ was opened at 0 o’clock today, followed by highlights from various SNS TVXQ accounts at 12 o’clock, and through YouTube and Naver TV SMTOWN channels at 6 pm The special video will be released, and this video contains a delightful figure of Yuno Yoon who enjoys a dance party with a lot of people, and it is expected to amplify the expectation of the new album.

On the other hand, Yunho appears on MBC entertainment program ‘I live alone’, which is broadcasted at 11:10 pm on the 7th.

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