MamaMoo today unveiled his 9th mini album “White Wind”, a moving teaser and a personal concept photo through official SNS.

In the open motion teaser, the star gazes at the camera with an expressionless expression and catches the eye in a chic atmosphere. He fascinated fans with his fierce eyes, showing off his overwhelming presence.

In another teaser image, there is a picture of a flower that is emanating a dreamy atmosphere. The sparkling neon sign lights show off the unique visuals and proven intense charisma.

As a result, Mammamoo released all of the personal concept photos of Sola, Liuin, and Huasa, starting from the door. All the members in the moving teaser show off their pony tail hair to wonder about the new album concept.

MamaMoo’s ninth mini-album ‘White Wind’ is the fourth album of the ‘Four Seasons Four Color Project’ and the final album of the one-year project. The album is based on the concept of member Huin and his symbolic color ‘White’, and it has been recorded since the first meeting of Mamamu which started with pure white paper.

On the other hand, Mamamoo will announce his ninth mini album ‘White Wind’ at 6:00 pm on the 14th and start his activities in earnest.

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