The agency’s RBW side said, “Mamamu Huin announces his second solo album ‘Soar’ on September 4. It is a mature new album full of Huin’s color, and Junki participated in the production.”

This is why Wynne returns to solo in a year and five months after his first solo album “ magnolia ” released in April 2018.

In particular, this is the second time that Huin is in sync with Junki, and the two of them signed a bond in March 2017.

Huin and Jungki are expected to express deeper emotions through this ‘Soar’ as the two fans ‘re-requests have been steadily followed by the music fans’ hot acclaim since the release.

In addition, Hwiin started the countdown by releasing the web jacket image and the title song ‘Hair’ Let’s Work ‘teaser video through official SNS at 00:00 today.

In the photo, Hwiin creates a dim atmosphere with his dark and dreamy eyes. Whirling with a slightly matted hair and a brown jacket, the viewers admire the autumn atmosphere with delicate expressions.

In particular, at the end of the title song ‘Hair’ Let’s teaser video, Huin sang ‘Hair Let’s’ and a melodic melody, heralding the autumn sniper.

Wynn has been recognized for his attractive voice as well as his outstanding singing ability through his album, Mamamu album, and various OSTs and color music.

In addition, Huin shows a wide range of digestive powers from dance to ballad, and is considered as the “ end of sensibility ”, and will show its true value as a luxury vocalist through ‘Soar’.

Meanwhile, Huin’s solo album ‘Soar’ will be released on various music sites on September 4th.

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