Mamamoo held his fourth solo concert ‘2019 MAMAMOO CONCERT’ 4Season F / W ‘at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul from 19th to 21st for a total of three days.

On this day, Mamamoo opened the opening of the concert with ‘Let’s paint’, which announced the start of the ‘Four Seasons Four Color Project’.

After that, I would like to invite you to participate in the four seasons such as’ Starry Night ‘,’ Bomba ‘,’ Rainy Day ‘,’ Nanna Sea ‘,’ No More Drama ‘,’ Wind flower ‘,’ The Four Colors Project ‘.

The show was full of witty scenes, using flowers, umbrellas, and other items as the theme for the four seasons. In addition, I used wire to extend the stage radius so that I could enjoy all the venues, and I received the cheers of the fans who challenged the Nanta which had not been shown before.

Particularly, the solo stage, in which the colors of the members of Mamamoo are clearly visible, captivated the audience’s eyes and ears.

After the solo song ‘Selfish’, Moon released a TVXQ hit song ‘Medley’. In addition, the performance combined with modern dance, such as Sanggom boasts a different charm.

Liu inserted an inversion element at every stage, which led to an explosive reaction. He showed a powerful drummer in line with Bruno Mars’ Runaway baby, and showed off his charm.

Then, Hwaseon reversed the mood from a middle school girl who dreamed of becoming a singer to “Hashasho,” a story of a life story that has been made by Mamamu Hasegawa. I did not miss both the touch and the pleasure, and I had a unique performance.

Sola showed explosive singing voice with ‘Titanic’ OST ‘My heart will go on’. Here, Beyonce ‘Fever’, Dirtting ‘Shut up and Let me go’ and bulletproof boy band ‘Blow Up’ stage were all digested and the mood of the scene peaked.

In this way, Mamamoo filled up the performances with their unique charms of the four seasons, as well as the stages of variety that are unique to the concert.

Even after that, Mamamoo is the hit song of ‘1cm’s pride’, ‘He is not him’, ‘I will not let go’, ‘The wind of the starry wind’, ‘Nocturnal’, ‘Decalkomani’ .

Thanks to the end of the concert, Angkor baptism broke out everywhere, and Mama-mu is called “ours”, “you are what”, “Mr. It is a bit of a misunderstanding. It was a long time to get to know the performances of more than four hours.

After the concert, the members said, “I am so grateful that many of you are here, and I am very happy to sing this life, and I will try to be a wonderful mama who will be able to meet your expectations in the future.”

This concert was even more special because it is a performance that celebrates the ‘Four Seasons Four Color Project’. For the past year, Mamamoo has further strengthened the identity of the group by using the symbolic colors and seasons of each member through the ‘Four Seasons Four Color Project’.

‘4Season F / W’ is an enriched repertoire that spans the four seasons, and has a spectacular finale of ‘Four Seasons Four Color Project’.

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