The title song, “We Loved You” was adapted to the season with a refreshing and refreshing sound while maintaining the color of the original Lovelies. Lyrics that tell the times when charming synth sound and loveless voices were the most beautiful It is a song that shows the color of Lovely’s more emotional.

In addition to the title song, I started the intro ‘Once Upon a Time’, the Secret Story of a sensual sensation, the medium pop song ‘Sweet Luv’, which shows a groovy melody, Close To You “and” Love Game, “a story about the love story of girls.

The mini-album ‘Once Upon A Time’ is filled with various tracks filled with colors of Lovelies. It is a collaboration with the best artists in Korea such as Space Cowboy, Jade, Full8loom, SEION,, Ollounder, LEEZ, A mature album was born that showed mature musical sensitivity.

In particular, the Lovelies have released their debut songs “Candy Jelly Love”, “Ah-Choo”, “Now, We”, “Go to”, “You,” “Hi” (My district) “and record the hit for each announcement, It has been loved all over the world. Individuals are also active in various fields such as MC, picture, and entertainment, and this will further boost the expectations for this comeback.

As shown by the phrase “Believe in and listen to Lovelies,” the Lovelys sixth mini album is also looking forward to the listener ‘s ears.

On the other hand, Lovelies released mini 6th album ‘Once Upon a Time’ through various online music sites at 6 pm on the 20th and hold a media and fan showcase at Blue Square in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.

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