My girlfriend made a comeback with her teaser image, which is the concept of ‘FEVER’, the title song of the seventh mini album ‘FEVER SEASON’ through official SNS at 0:00 today (21st) .

In the public image, his girlfriend showed a simple yet cool appeal, using black and white and some neon colors as the background for the early summer fever.

In addition, the members expressed the concept of the new song ‘Tropical Night’ with the summer feeling by the moist silky skin and the slickly hair styling which seemed to be the moisture.

Especially, his girlfriend was attracted to the city by adding sophistication of urban atmosphere with clean styling that was unhurried.

In this way, her girlfriend will show high quality contents such as group concept photo, track list, teaser image, and personal teaser image sequentially, starting with the team logo, and show a more sophisticated and urban style. The expectation for the new song ‘FEVER’ To the highest level.

The title song ‘Tropical Night (FEVER)’ is a song that compared to the heat of the night when the heat does not calm down. It will show a step by step through the passionate performances unique to the girlfriend without losing the original color.

Meanwhile, her girlfriend releases her seventh mini album “FEVER SEASON,” which includes the title song “FEVER” through various sound source sites at 6 pm on July 1st.

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