9th of the afternoon, MBC pilot program “Kasinara” was the last lesson of grandmothers and their mates.

Park Seung – ja, holding her grandmother ‘s hand, went to school for the last school year and said, “Now it’ s my grandmother ‘s house and my grandmother’ s house.

In the last lesson, I had time to write and present to the people I wanted to see. Grandmother Park wrote a letter to her deceased husband and to her parents in China.

“I want to be a proud daughter of Mom and Dad, I love Mom and Dad,” said Mom and Dad, “I want to see a lot of Mom and Dad, I am always sorry to go see you, but my daughter does not regret coming to Korea. A letter containing a longing for my parents in the far place stimulated the audience’s tears.

Especially, the scene in which Mr. Minsori warmly holds the tears of the rainy season, reading the letter, added a warmth.

My grandson, Park Sung-ja, said to her partner, “The day I first met the rainy season, it was very beautiful and I felt like a good-looking girl.” It was so happy and fun for me all the time.

On the other hand, the children who belonged to Woogi (Girls).

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