A member of the group’s girlfriend, Ye-rin, supported A Pink Oh Ha-young’s solo debut and Red Velvet’s comeback.

Joey posted several photos in his Instagram story on the afternoon of the 24th. In the photo, Oh Ha-young and Joy are face to face and proud.

This is because Yerin sent her coffee tea cheers to celebrate Oh Ha-young and Joey’s solo debut and comeback. The phrase ‘young young debut, congratulations comeback, love a lot 96 Forever’ stands out. The cute nickname that ‘Youngyoung’ is named after Oh Young’s ‘Young’ and Joy’s real name Park Soo Young is also outstanding.

Although he is a songmate, Oh Ha-young, Joey Yerin, three of them are all born in 1996. Joyful friendship and cheery cheer for her sense of coffee tea, Joy responded, “Thanks to the gift of a cute Jeerin.”

Oh Ha-young recently released and released his solo debut song ‘Don`t Make Me Laugh’, and Joey’s red velvet is also active as a new song, ‘Sound Wave’. Yerin’s girlfriend was loved by summer song ‘tropical night’.

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