In the JTBC entertainment program’Gamsung Camping’, which aired on the 11th, the appearance of Kwak Siyang and the members who left camping were included.

Samcheok Jangho Beach is the place for the members who returned to their childhood. While the members were preparing to enjoy a picnic, a new camping friend Kwak Siyang appeared. Gwak Si-yang also returned to his real name Kwak Myung-jin and transformed into a childhood appearance. Kwak Siyang has been attracting attention with a unique visual since childhood.

The members who returned to their memories when they were young also shared their nicknames. When I was young, Gwak Si-yang was hitting bruises, so he had the nickname’Kwak Maeng’. Accordingly, the members comfortably called Kwak Si-yang’Blind’.

Kwak Si-yang has four older sisters. Kwak Si-yang revealed the anti-war past, saying, “I’m 13 years old different from my big sister. I’m late and I’m not the last one. I grew up hitting so much when I was young.” Gwak Si-yang exposed the older sisters, saying, “My older sister studied a lot, so she was stressed. That stress goes down to her second sister and goes down (?). It’s almost the army. The older sisters have a tremendous personality.” Gwak Si-yang also confessed, “When my mother gave me 1,000 won and ran errands when I was young, I wouldn’t pay all the 1,000 won. It only comes about 7~800 won.”

After recalling the memories, the members headed to the marina. Deokpung Valley, a marina, is a place with unique memories for Park So-dam. Park So-dam recalled, “There were grandmothers there. This is the place where I went every year until my grandmother fell down two years ago. There is a deep memory of my childhood there.”

While heading to the marina, a sudden accident occurred. The toilet inside the camper broke. Kwak Si-yang said, “It’s okay” even to the members’ pressure and cleaned it up.

While heading to the marina, Park So-dam was surprised to see her grandmother. Accordingly, all the members decided to go down and visit the village where Park So-dam’s memories are contained. While looking at the village, Park So-dam also met her father’s mother and said hello to her father’s mother, and said hello to her sick grandmother. All the members who saw this look became lumpy.

Arriving at the marina, Kwak Si-yang brought out a hopping machine prepared for the members and cheered. After putting the bread in the Hopan machine, he started cooking dinner in earnest. Son Na-eun and Ahn Young-mi decided to make old chicken, and Gwak Si-yang made Tteokbokki and Beef Bulgogi. Kwak Si-yang, who found the ingredients skillfully, said, “I had fun with cooking while filming’Oh my ghost’ before. The chef told me about it.”

Kwak Siyang invited friends to the house to cook. In response, Gwak Siyang said, “I have to go to marry. These days I can’t do it without cooking.” Park Na-rae asked, “Did you do it to your girlfriend? When?” and Kwak Si-yang avoided the answer, “How do you say it was a year ago?” Park Na-rae laughed by guessing, “It’s late.”

Solar, who tasted Gwak Siyang’s Tteokbokki sauce in advance, admired, saying, “Yes.” Besides Solar, all the members praised the taste of Kwak Siyang’s Tteokbokki. With continuous admiration, Kwak Si-yang pledged, “I will prepare for my future. I will get married really well.” Park Na-rae asked once again, “Where was the last time you cooked me?”, and Gwak Si-yang recalled, “I think it was about two years ago. I cooked ribs.” Then, Kwak Siyang recalled his first love in elementary school and sent a video letter to his first love partner.

Before his debut, Kwak Siyang received a business card from SM Entertainment and entered as a trainee. Kwak Siyang said, “I got a business card and went to the homepage, and there was BoA. After that, I said’I have to go to the entertainment world’, but I didn’t know how to do it. I couldn’t dance and I couldn’t sing.” Kwak Siyang revealed that among the trainees he was with at the time, Kim Hee-cheol was also present.

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