Yul-hee from girl group LABOUM expressed twin pregnancy.

Yul Hee posted her second pregnancy testimonial with her twin sonogram on a personal SNS on the night of the 28th.

Yul-hee said, “I am so thankful that many people congratulated you for the news of her twin brothers.” “Your morning sickness is so bad that you are not able to wake up. Of “. In particular, Yulhee added, “The twins are so big that they stick together.” Thank you for congratulations again.

In the KBS 2TV entertainment program ‘Salim Men’ Season 2 (hereafter Salim Nam 2) ‘broadcasted on the day, Choi Min-hwan and Yul-hee couple visited a gynecologist to confirm their second pregnancy. In particular, Choi Min-hwan and Yul-hee were surprised to hear that they were twins from a gynecologist. Viewers of ‘Salimnam 2’ were also surprised to congratulate Choi Min-hwan and Yul-hee couple. The following is the full text of the twin pregnancy testimonials published by Yulhee. Thank you so much for listening to your twin brothers and congratulations.

Thanks to her husband and mother who suffers more than anyone else, I am preaching happily!
The snouts are so big that they stick together. Thank you for celebrating again.

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