On the 5th, KBS 2TV “Mr. House Husband” , the daughter of HyeBin who was in the Hongdae sightseeing, And a childhood diary.

On this day, former member of the FT Island, drama and musical, has been steadily loved by his current wife, Choi Min-hwan, and now the wife of a man, mother of a child.

From public devotion to sudden pregnancy, marriage announcement, and childbirth, she expressed her heartfelt desire to become a new parent. Choi Minhwan said, “I was worried that I or my child might be blocking the way of Yoo-hee.” “I thought I might have made it impossible for me to survive trial and error at that age.”

She added, “I was worried that I would feel bad about my love from marriage to pre-pregnancy and marriage.” Choi Min-hwan said, “I want to help Yoo-hee’s heart a lot because of me and her child.” The child-rearing scene of a cute little couple who cares for Choi Min-hwan and Yul-hee’s 6-month-old son “Chunchy” attracted attention. Choi Minhwan, who loudly shouted, “It’s been half a year since my child was born.

It’s been a while since I’ve known it.” Minhwan actively helped with childcare by feeding her a bottle of milk for her wife with a bottle. However, Choi Min-hwan, a newborn singer, Also, the average age is 24.5 years old couple to play with the toy more fun.

A husband and wife sitting on top of each other with tteokbokki. Choi answered, “Do not you want to work again?”, And Yul-hee replied, “I still want to raise my child very hard. However, he added, “I think when I work at home, I have an idea of ​​my peers and other lives.” Choi Myung-hwan cheered, “I want to support Yul-hee whenever I want to do something and if I need anything.”

Yul-hee said, “I am happy because my family is born. I will try hard and raise my son well.” Choi Min-hwan came up with a story about “the second night.” Yul-hee said, “Would not it be nice if the second and the next army went to the army?”

On the other hand, Kim Sung – soo, who was impressed by Hwibin Lee ‘s school performance, applied for a date with her daughter, but Hye – bin denied her proposal to go out with her cousin sister.

Having met her cousin Sara with her father, HyeBin had a good time shopping for clothes and pretty earrings on Hongdae street. HyeBin, who enjoyed shopping, discovered Taro’s house and said, “Let’s see her ~ Taro” as if I waited. Seated in the seat, Hyebin said, “When will Dad become famous again?” However, not only my father’s fortune, but also what HyeBin Lee was curious about was ‘affectionate luck’. There was a good fortune in 2019 at HyeBin’s Taro branch, which carefully selected the card.

But whenever HyeBin wrote his father ‘s card, Kim Sung – soo kept calling and nagging the storm. Daddy’s excessive interference is burdensome, HyeBin confessed to her cousin sister, “I think I have a bit of a booby.” Kim Sung – soo finally came to Hongdae with his nephew. Looking at the picture of HyeBin who exploded in the storm of my father, my cousin sister said, “My uncle is too old.” Kim Sung-soo walked along the streets of Hongdae with his daughter and nephew and singing with younger friends and breathing. Hye-bye said, “People were surprised to see that they looked so cool.”

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