Choi found it in common with Sam O’Schuri.

MBN ‘Friendly Entertainment’ aired on February 4, ‘Meat Team’ Defcon-Yongjin-Sam Hammington-Bruno and ‘Fish Team’ Choi Soo-jong-Kim Joon-ho-Sam Ozuri-Robin Deiana Was drawn.

As the meat and fish teams found Jeollado food stories in the March issue of the Global Travel Guidebook, eight people turned to daily editors and began to report directly.

Sam Ochiri, who was the first to cover the ingredients of the feast noodles in the forest village, said, “I was an ambassador for Wando Kim. Wando anchovy, seaweed and seaweed are really delicious. ” Choi said, “This person has a relationship with me. Wasn’t I a requested shopping? ”

Choi Soo-jong was an ambassador for Wando in the role of Jang Bo-go in the KBS 2TV drama ‘Haesin’

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