MBN ‘Friendly Entertainment’ aired on February 4, ‘Meat Team’ Defcon-Yongjin-Sam Hammington-Bruno and ‘Fish Team’ Choi Soo-jong-Kim Joon-ho-Sam Ozuri-Robin Deiana Was drawn.

As the meat and fish teams found Jeollado food stories in the March issue of the Global Travel Guidebook, eight people turned to daily editors and began to report directly. The meat team covered Yukhoe Bibimbap in Hampyeong.

The crew also suggested a bottle cap challenge for the meat team. Bruno, who came to Korea as a Taekwondo third-danger, expressed confidence in the game of opening the lid with a kick. Bruno gained confidence in both practice games. But in practice, it failed too high.

Lee Yong and Defcon denied the reality, and Bruno said, “Why did you fail? Oh, it’s annoying. ”

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