Gi-seop and Jung Yuna held a press conference with a wedding ceremony at the Riverside Hotel in Jamwon-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul on the 24th. The wedding takes place without a ritual, the gagman Kim Yong-Myung sings the society, and Huh-Hyun and the U-Kiss leader Soo-hyun sing.

On the day, Gi-sub said of the dating process, “We did not meet the feeling of others. We were careful. We noticed that many people went to many places.”

As a result, Gi-sub said that there was a lack in the proposal process. “I really enjoyed the event, so I tried to prepare it loudly, but I couldn’t refer to the business because the wedding news could be announced,” he said. I displayed videos and messages, gave me necklaces and gave them proposals. ”

“I suddenly asked my husband to come to the bar. I suddenly got a video while greeting my husband and eating food.” I did. ”

Ki-sub explained the reactions of U-Kiss members. He said, “In fact, members are insecure when they are dating, but they cheered a lot. They watched our beautiful meetings and they cheered me a lot. I want to say thank you.”

“I’ve heard so much about the second generation. People have responded, ‘I’m not pregnant,’ but it’s not.” He also has a wife’s activity and I’m working as a social worker. “I’m planning to get pregnant by the time I buy.

At the same time, Gi-sub said, “I will be a pillar that will not starve my wife, and let me do what I want to do,” and Jung Yona said, “I will always be considerate and respect for my husband. I will smile. ”

Meanwhile, Ki-seop and Jung Yu-na signed up as trainees preparing for a girl group with an idol of NHK’s agency NH EMG. Jung Yuna starred in Yukis’ Japanese single ‘Distance …’ music video.

The two are planning a honeymoon to Hawaii after the wedding.

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