Five-member Boy Group 1TEAM debuted in the music industry with their first mini album.

On the afternoon of the 27th, K-Art Hall of Songpa-gu Olympic Park, Seoul, made debut showcase of 1TEAM of Shin In Boy Group.

1 TEAM was made up of five people including Rubin (leader, vocals), BC (rap), Jinwoo (vocals), Jihyeon (vocals) and Jeonghun (rap). Ruby, who has been performing well in the audition program JTBC ‘Mix Nine’ last year, and BC, which combines his own abilities, including Jinwoo and Jihyun, who have strong vocal skills, and talented band boy to be.

It is an idol group newly launched by Live Works Company, which belongs to Shin Hye Sung and Lee Min Woo of the first generation idol myth, which means ‘each one of the individual members gather together to become a new one’.

The debut mini album ‘HELLO!’ Was produced by Divine Channel, who worked on the songs of domestic top cheering groups such as bullfighting boy band ‘Burning Orne’ and exo ‘El Dorado’, and produced a more complete album with more trendy sense. .

This title song ‘Habitual Vibe’ is a medium R & B style genre with lyrics and light expression of boys and minimal energy. It is a genre of the R & B style. Divine Productions, a general producer, participates in lyrics, composition and arrangements to further enhance the perfection of the songs. . Also, Choreographer Tomzin, who created the choreography of the top performers in Korea, including Shinhwa and Godse Seven, participated in the choreography directing of the habitual VIBE.

In addition to the title song, ‘COUNTDOWN’ reverses the atmosphere of the first mini album ‘HELLO!’ And ‘BOUT U’, written by member BC, is a rich melody reminiscent of a warm spring. . 1 TEAM contains various musical colors.

When asked about the debut test, BC said, “It took me a long time, and I will make it a team that can work for as long as I can. I look forward to it and worry about it. I do not have any feelings yet, but I will show you good performances and good performances in the future. “, Jihyeon said,” I did not feel it until I came to this place. I’m going to show you a growing team that will grow in the future, “Rubin said,” It’s finally a dream-like showcase today. I have not been able to sleep recently, but there are people who have waited so long, The ” It was the first dream I had so long waiting for. Joy and excitement are great, but I can be good or tense. I think it will have to work harder. ”

Jihyeon said, “There are a lot of point choreographers in the title song ‘habitual VIBE’, and if you pick only two of them, there is a lava dance and ice dancing dance.” Jeonghun said, “When I dance in my part, I’m the part where I do it. ”

“I worked with my boss, who worked with Shinhwa, and I like it very much. It’s a lot of balloons in the video. When the bubble fell, the director said, “Kids, please play with your heart.”

Jeong Hoon said, “If you have difficulties in preparing for your debut, have you ever worried?” Jung Hoon said, “It was hard when I ran toward the goal of debut. When I talked to him by phone, he said, ‘I have done well so far and I can do well in the future.’ So I was able to do my best.

“I’ve been in a lot of companies and I’ve been in a lot of groups and my debut has been lost,” Rubin said. “I had a bad feeling because I had a date for my debut as a team. I heard the stress management method of the trainees, and the instructor said, ‘Everyone does not have to be perfect, you can go to rest in the middle.’ I felt uneasy about myself, I try hard not to be harsh, “he said, expressing his feelings before his debut.

As for another system for the interns at the company, BC said, “The delegate asked me to write a three-line diary that summarizes the day’s work in three lines: looking back at the day, the feelings, the impressive things, “I want to read more than one book a month, so I have to choose one book for each member, and I have a program that shares the impressive passages with the book.”

Rubin said, “My delegates and other staff members have been working with Shinhwa since, and I have naturally liked Shinhwa, and since he did not lose track of the trend, he has been releasing the album steadily. I want to resemble my appearance. ”

“We want to have a concert at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in two years,” said Jihyun, “I would like to accept the newcomer award. I want to be an artist who can produce the entire album of the original team. “, And” I want to have it because it is an award given to the most influential new year in a year ” To the public.

Previously, the original team members appeared in ‘Mix Nine’ and experienced the competition of the audition program, and Rubin was in the final third place.

Rubin said, “Even though I practiced, it was hard to know my ability because I only do it within the company. It was a chance to prepare for my debut as I went to Mix Nine and saw the talents of other friends and received advice from the judges. I know how hard my friends are working and I’ve been looking once more for ‘I have worked as hard as this?’ It was a good opportunity to work harder and share my anxieties with those of my friends. “.

Rubin said, “I still know Rubin of ‘Mix Nine’, but I had to debut in the top three and it was disappeared. At first I was sorry but the same team is waiting for the same team like Avengers. Now, ‘Mix Nine’

“What advice did you have to your agency, Shin Hye Sung and Lee Min Woo?” Je Hyun asked, “Are you prepared well these days? You are very tired and nervous and tremble. I want to be a proud junior to your seniors as much as you cheer me. “BC,” I’m going to PT shop with Minwoo senior, and he gave me advice on his position every time I met him. And last year, I was excited because I said, ‘Do not you want to stand?’

Meanwhile, the first mini album ‘HELLO!’ Of the new group 1 TEAM will be released at 6 pm on the same day.

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