The mini album of the Pentagon that created their own musical color for each album uses SUMMER, which is the summer word, and uses ME, which is the sum function SUM, Pentagram, and four different R, The theme is ‘SUM (ME: R)’ with a new meaning.

‘First Look’ commemorated this and left for the Sea of ​​West Sea to showcase the unprecedented Pentagon members. In the calm waters of the West Sea, the members of the Pentagon showed a refreshing and lively atmosphere away from the usual images. Even in the early morning shoots, the nine members showed off the perfect ‘Chemie’, singing, singing, joking and brightening the scene.

Summer vacation for Pentagon members who have enjoyed the busy seaside waters. A refreshing picture of the nine boys dressed in white uniforms garnished the back cover of ‘First Look’ 179 on July 18.

On the other hand, the Pentagon’s mini-album ‘SUM (ME: R)’ released on the 17th is composed of music like addictive melody and hot summer refreshment.

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