In KBS 2TV’s’Troublesome Son of the Rooftop Room’, which aired on the 5th, a scene where John Lee and Yoo Su-jin mentioned bad comments were spread.

On this day, Song Eun-i asked, “It is said that he receives a lot of bad comments,” and John Lee confessed, “I told him not to buy real estate, but to buy a rent.”

John Lee then said that he would actually use public transportation for what he said not to ride a car. John Lee said, “The best thing to come to Korea is the good traffic. It tells you how many minutes the bus arrives at the bus stop. It’s a great country. The average amount of money for a car is 800,000 won. If you buy stocks or funds, you’ll see ‘ “I have this big money,” he explained.

Yoo Su-jin said, “How many bad comments will be made because you speak this way”, and John Lee trembled, saying, “Those who take a taxi really like it. People don’t drive a car.”

Yoo Su-jin said, “Have you seen my bad comments? Men seem to hate it more. I said,’What do men see? You can see your face.’ My life is that I don’t need to see the specs of men because I can make a living and live well.” Nailed.

Yoo Su-jin said, “Why are you only looking for reasons not to work? Why do you only look negatively. That hurts my heart. There is something like a sense of duty. Someone in the sky tells the public about financial stocks that cannot be learned from school or even from parents. If so, I would like to work with the feeling that it might have been given to us as a mission.”

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