The actress Choi Soo-young from Girls’ Generation won this year’s discovery award at the 2019 Gimp Awards held at the 15th Jecheon International Music Film Festival.

Choi Soo-young won this year’s discovery award for the film ‘Memories of the Dead End’ (Director Choi Hyun-young) at the ‘JIMFF AWARDS’ held on the 9th. This year’s discovery award is given to actors who are expected to be active.

On the 10th, Choi Soo-young said, “I think it is an award for the times when I was worried about movies. I would like to thank the bishop and his representative for the memories of the dead end. ”

“I think ‘first’ is important. Thanks to the late director, Ryu Jang-ha, who started the movie for the first time. ”

Memories of a Dead End is a story about Yumi (Cho Su-young Choi) encountering new people at a café in the dead end after experiencing an unexpected breakup with a lover in Nagoya. Choi Soo-young completed the process of Yumi’s wounding and healing with delicate feeling lines, leading the sympathy and comfort of many audiences.

Choi Soo-young has accumulated acting power through works such as the drama ‘My Spring Day’, ’38 Moo-dong ‘, and’ The Man Who Sets the Table ‘.

Recently, in the movie “ Girl Cops ” (director Jung Da-won), he was acclaimed as “ Rediscovery of Choi Soo-young ” while drawing comically and fluently the Yangtze character with rough talk. Expectations for Choi Soo-young, who proves the wide potential as an actor, are expected to show up in the future.

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