W Esther, Chen, and Ding Dong showed off their lust in ‘Las’.

In MBC ‘Radio Star’ broadcasted on the night of the 10th, Esther, Exochen and MC Ding Dong appeared in ‘This is my area, yeah’ feature. Haha came with special MC.

Kim Guura introduced Ling Dong as “high school junior.” W Esther announced that she is working as a CEO by launching lactic acid bacteria products. When asked about annual sales, she said, “When it comes out well, it is about 50 billion to 40 billion to 50 billion.” He explains that “Maine is lactic acid bacteria,” and added, “Suddenly, why do you care?”

She also said, “Kimgura is a panic disorder,” she said. She said she had gone to menopause, but her early symptoms of depression were similar to menopausal symptoms.

Kim said that “hormones are in the normal category,” and added, “Why do men cling to male hormones only?”

W. Esther was confident that she was “one of the doctors who came from the doctor except Hong Hye-geul.” She also amazed Chen’s academic achievement and major.

Esther said she could not run the hospital, saying, “I can not see more than 40 minutes even if I cut it down.” As the time for personal treatment is long, 10 people are treated all day, and at most 15 people. Ding Dong said, “I also have a long time for my first birthday,” she said.

Chen said he was the only exo member to appear on Radio Star for the second time. Chen said, “Why do I go out alone?

“I’ve been debuting this year for the seventh year, and I told the company I was not going to be able to make a solo album any longer,” he said. “When I got to the exorobo album, I kept the top of the chart,” he said, referring to the burden of the chart. “I am thankful to hear my music as I stand alone.”

Then Haha responded, “Should not you tell me the inside out?” Kimgura said, “This is his work,” and laughed.

Also, Exochen said, “Exo’s story is a treasure, and this time Solo told me that he would buy me rice.

On the other hand, all the traces of Robert Harley were erased from MBC ‘Radio Star’ broadcasted on the night of 10th. On this day ‘Radio Star’, Robert Halley, Esther, Exochen and MC Ding Dong were to appear as guests.

But while broadcaster Robert Harley was arrested for drug use, the MBC entertainment program Radio Star, which he was supposed to appear in, sparked the trail of Robert Harley.

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