EXID, a group that made a comeback with the new album ‘WE’, appeared on MBC standard FM ‘Idol Radio’ on June 16, and showed affection for fans.

EXID introduced a new song ‘ME & YOU’ on this day and shared memories of last 8 years.

“When I first heard it, I thought it was really bad. So I thought it would be good. ” Jung Hwa said, “I made my first broadcast with a bit of tiredness, but the fans cried out to cheer me up, and I gave my first impression.” Then, fans who visited Sangam MBC Garden Studio instantly cheered on ‘ME & YOU’ .

“All of the members are poorly represented, and I have filled my heart with this album,” Hani said. “I want fans to think of this album as their own. Because fans and we are one, this album is ‘ours’. ”

EXID boasted not only choreography and live stage, but also extraordinary artistic sensibility. They played with Jeong Il-hoon, DJ, realizing the episode of ‘Pumpkin Sweet Potato’ which is a beautiful scene of the sitcom ‘High Kick without Roughing’.

Sozie said, “Among the girls group, EXID seems to be the best of the opening and the hairy charm.” In addition to this, EXID also features live performances of the album ‘WE ARE ..’ which is composed of ‘Up and Down’, ‘HOT PINK’, ‘LIE’, ‘CREAM’, ‘ I got it.

EXID has had time to look back on the memories of the past eight years.

“I remember sleeping together in the living room with the air conditioner in the living room,” recalled Hyerin. LE remembers the first and last time when all members went to Jeju Island in 2013, saying, “I did not have a lot of income, so I had one grilled grilled mackerel with my pocket money.”

“I am going to leave the trip after this activity is over,” said Sozgeh, who was still proud of his friendship. Finally, the cleansing is “I am able to get the strength of ‘Idol Radio’ and work well throughout the activity period,” he said.

On the other hand, ‘Idol Radio’ is broadcast every day at 1 ~ 2 AM MBC standard FM (Seoul 95.9MHz) and MBC radio application mini. Every night from 9 to 10 o’clock, you can see the radio from the Naver V live application (V app) before the show (except weekends).

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