The new album ‘I Love You’, released by Girl Group EXID on the 21st, has reached the top of the iTunes K-pop charts in nine countries.

EXID’s new album ‘I Love You’ ranked No. 1 on K-pop charts in nine countries including iTunes, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, Finland, Poland and Argentina. In particular, Guatemala, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam have once again proved themselves to be the world’s most noteworthy groups, ranking first in the charts.

In addition, it has become a hot topic in the iTunes charts around the world, including Lebanon, Malaysia, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Colombia, Ecuador, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Sweden.

EXID’s new song ‘I Love You’ adds an addictive voice sample that flows from the first half of the song and unique lyrics expressing love for reason created after the lyrics of ‘I Love You Like’. The new EXID color And captures the public.

On the other hand, EXID will go on official music broadcast activity starting from KBS ‘Music Bank’ on 23rd.

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