The group Everglo Shim expressed his feelings of working with Takahashi Jury and Kim Doa who appeared together on Mnet ‘Produce 48’.

EverGlow held a showcase to commemorate the release of the second single album ‘HUSH’ at Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on the 19th.

EverGlow debuted in March with the first single album, ARRIVAL OF EVERGLOW. Everglow attracted attention for his unskilled performance and stable stage, and he also received the title of ‘Monster Rookie’.

In particular, Everglow, who came from ‘Produce 48’, joined this group, securing some fandom and quitting. These were trainees who received a lot of support even when they appeared in ‘Produce 48’, so the topic was high.

It was a super rookie. Everglow’s first comeback attracted even more attention. EverGlow returns to the music industry in five months with his second single album, HUSH. They are expected to give intense and unique girl crush with ‘HUSH’.

Shihyun said, “When I made my first debut showcase, I was nervous and nervous. Asha said, “Preparation and debut preparations were different in their own mind. I will show more advanced and improved as a comeback.”

EverGlow’s second single album ‘HUSH’ consists of three songs, including the title song ‘Adios’ and the song ‘HUSH’ and ‘You Don’t Know Me’.

Everglow described the album’s name as “‘HUSH’ has a dictionary meaning of shhh, tranquility, etc.” We are the main characters, so be quiet. Let’s go my way proudly. ”

The title song ‘Adios’ is a pop and R & B genre song with traps and EDM. The whistling of the powerful beat is addictive. Everglow said ‘Adios’ was selected as the title song among the three songs from the proven producers. “When I first heard it, I thought” Wow. This song. “” ”

Lyrics of ‘Adios’ represent these confident and subjective children these days. It’s a good match with the intense performance Everber has. In this regard, the reason is “The hero should have been me from the beginning.” It talked about all the people of Nine who are the main characters, and I thought about Everglow who wanted to be the main character of the song industry in August. ” Revealed.

of the girl group’s big debut and comeback in August this year. In particular, Takahashi Jury’s Rocket Punch and Kim Do-A’s Panatics, who were from “ Produce 48 ”, made their debut. With the addition of EverGlow’s comeback, the music industry in August seems to be a reunion of the producers of ‘Produce 48’.

Shihyun said that he was active with Takahashi Juri and Kim Doa. “It’s not the same team, so I have to compete in good faith, but I want to greet you and ask your regards.”

Like this, “It’s nice to meet you in a long time, and it’s so good to be on the stage with each other.”

Everglow had great confidence in the album’s intense concept and performance to create a girl crush. Everglow said that in order to perfectly perform the choreography of ‘Adios’, he spent all of his time practicing dance, except for three to four hours.

Is it thanks to the confidence gained at the end of practice Pina. EverGlow’s goal was solid despite the girl group flooding. Everglow said, “I want to get the modifier of ‘Idol chewing stage.'” Said.

EverGlow’s second single album ‘HUSH’ and the title song ‘Adios’ music video will be released at 6 pm on various music sites.

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