In ‘Sections TV Entertainment Communication’ broadcasted on the 16th, they unveiled the ’60 sec interview’ scene of Eric Nam, an anatomical boyfriend.

Eric Nam, who was a reporter during a long time, sang ‘Section TV’ and greeted the crew with a friendly greeting.

’60 second interview’ is a short-term property PR TIME of ‘Sections TV’ in order not to spend 1 minute and 1 second of busy idol. Eric Nam has come back to her title song “Runaway,” which she wrote, “It’s a cheerful, bright song that makes you want to leave with someone who loves you in warm summer weather.”

Interviewer and Interviewer: “Uh … actually, I think that the interviewer is more comfortable, but I would like to be an interviewer as a singer.” I also interviewed Jamie Foxx for a memorable interview. Eric Nam said that he wanted to hear the phrase “Eric, a great singer.”

MBC “Section Entertainment” will be broadcast every Thursday at 11:10 pm.

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