On the 4th, KBS 2TV ‘Elegant Mother and Child’ depicted Yu-jin (cha-yeon) who was surprised to know that Mi-yeon (Myung-gil Choi) had abducted Yura’s daughter Yura.

Earlier, the galaxy swelled in anticipation of meeting a fake Yura and finding a daughter who had been separated for 30 years. “I don’t know how I look, but the situation is the most accurate I’ve ever met.” But I don’t feel strange. ”

Yunkyung encouraged the galaxy, “If you inspect and come to Yura, it will be different.” But are you cooler than ever? Isn’t he really happy with her? ”

The visual revocation withdrew the charges against Eugene. This is because the weakness was caught by the problem of marriage. Yun’s advice that the shareholder Jayoung could be the inner woman of the renaming, Yun Kyung showed a carefree appearance, saying that the woman has no woman nearby.

Ja-young is trying to marry a Chinese with Dory. Haennan’s renaming of why she worked without any remedy replied, “Did you and me get married? I thought I would live well in Korea forever. ”

Even with the advice that he should be put in the family register right away, the renaming dismissed “I can’t think of it there.” I can’t leave my child to Ja-young, who is leaving for China. no way. I can’t live without seeing us. It’s so pretty that it’s my child, ”he added.

On the day, Mi-Hyang left Mi-yeon’s house to see her daughter Eun-joo who died. Mi-yeon was convinced that this was the galaxy, and asked him where he was. Galaxy says, “Thank you for letting me know. I should look for it from now on. ”

Furthermore, the galaxy succeeded in finding the flavor in Eunju’s ossuary. In the face of embarrassing incense, the galaxy says, “Now your mind is back. But if you’re living with Carrie, you’re so shameless. If Carrie knows what you’ve done, I’ll love the puck. ”

“I’ve already been punished.” I still get it. For 40 years. My kidnapped daughter hasn’t found her yet. Who do you think the killer is? It’s Cha Mi-yeon. ”

Eugene, who overheard and shocked the galaxy’s revelation, raised questions about its future development.

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