Confession of heart for the first time after acknowledging this Hyun-ah who was the Pentagon.

E’Dawn posted an article entitled “Hello, I am here” on the official Penthouse fan club in the Boy Group on September 7th.

“I am so sorry for the fans that I was going to show off the stage and show my sincerity and I was so embarrassed that I was suddenly disappeared.” “I wanted to leave a little bit of my heart and news,” said Ida.

“I was afraid and frightened until I decided to talk to my members several times about what was right and wrong, and I was afraid of them and I was afraid to say more honestly than bigger lies, and I wanted to stand before you.” I explained one reason.

“I wanted to keep my promise to be honest, but I’m disappointed that I can not keep this promise,” he said.

E’dawn was excluded from all schedules after acknowledging Hye-ae and devotee who had recently worked together as Triple H. Also, he will not be participating in the Pentagon’s new album release on the 10th.

The following is a specialist article.

Hello Everyone.

I am so sorry that I have not been able to find it in such a long time and so late.

I wanted to talk to my fans in front of my fans at the opening of the fan club which I met with my fans in August, and I was so eager and grateful with the members. I did not attend all of them.

I am so sorry for the fans that I was suddenly disappeared because I was willing to show the magnificence of heart and sincerity. I do not know if it is too late, but I wanted to leave a little bit of my heart and news to fans who are waiting for me with bad mind.

Before this happened, I was afraid and scared a lot before I decided to talk to my members and decide what was right and wrong. But it was my choice, so I thought I’d rather be honest with you than with bigger lies, and I wanted to stand before you.

I wanted to keep my promise that I would meet with my fans in an honest way as soon as possible.

Still, I was able to do this activity together with the music I worked so hard to show a good picture with the members.

Although I can not do it myself, I will be supporting the members with the fans who made the album with my sincere heart.

I had a long time of a month. At first, I expected to hate you too, and I was worried that I would not have had any worries about it. It was time to think about things like this.

And now it ‘s so sad that there’ s no way I can convey my heart outside of writing.

I do not know how I will meet again next time, but I will be doing well by praying that it will be filled with good things until then.

I am so sorry and thank you. often

I’ll let you know if I have a chance.

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