BTS returned home after capturing the world music market.

On the 17th, Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) held a press conference to commemorate the debut album ‘MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA’.

The title song “Boy With Luv” is a funk pop genre composed of easy-to-listen melodies, with an interest and love for you and a small, simple love of joy.

The Bulletproof Boy Scouts pointed to Pan Ami as a source of inspiration, “We wanted to talk about love, the strength that brought us up here. “We created the title” MAP OF THE SOUL “because we thought it was a process to find out our inner world.” Persona “expresses intuitive love for fans.”

The Bangladeshi boy band won the music charts in Korea, UK, USA and Japan through the new album released on the 12th. The US Billboard 200 first place on the US Billboard 200 is the third record of the Burmese boys’ team, and it is the first record of the Burmese boys and the first time as a Korean singer.

The bullfighting boy band released the world’s first “Boy With Luv” stage on NBC’s ‘SNL’ on the 13th and the world’s largest singer Halsey on May 1 ‘2019 Billboard Music Awards’ And the world’s first collaboration stage. Afterwards, the Bangladeshi Boy Scouts will hold a ‘LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF’ stadium tour in eight regions around the world starting from Los Angeles on May 4th.

Finally, Sugar, the certified fairy realizes, “I have a lot of things I want to do. I would like to have a successful stadium tour. Before the tour, he was nominated for two awards at the Billboard Music Awards. I want to get a prize. But in reality I do not know. I want to win a prize in one division, “he added. [The following Q &] Q. This album eoteotna the most inspiration from? – RM: I had experienced unimaginable work and feelings in the ‘Love You Self’ series. This time I was worried about what kind of story to talk about, and I wanted to talk about love, the strength that brought us up to this point. I thought that it was the process of getting to know our inner world and made it with the title of ‘MAP OF THE SOUL’. Persona expressed intuitive love for fans. I wanted to know the feelings of one of my fans. The happiness that fans feel is our happiness, so please enjoy this album with pleasure.

Q. Thanks to Ami Pan, the book of ‘Jung’s Soul Map’, which inspired the title of this album, has been sold worldwide.

– Chungguk: Amiga told us that we are studying a lot because of us. I would like to make it more enjoyable to see the new album guessing, interpreting and enjoying it. Amy is really grateful to us. It is all of us who made the current bulletproof boy band. As the curiosity about Ami continues to grow, I have become the theme of this album. More sense of responsibility. It is a good stimulant for each other. Army and bulletproof boys are inseparable. Q. My title song “Boy With Luv” reminds me of the 2014 release album. Why did you think it was important to look back on these days? – Sugar: ‘The Boy with Luv’. I wanted to talk about the joy of being small and simple. Thanks to all of you fans, we thought of our beginning, and this song came out. Q. I am curious about the selection of the title song. Why ‘persona’ again. – RM: I thought of it as a title song from the beginning. Mostly it expressed the color of the album and the emotion to dissolve. The title also indicates that you are curious about a small portion of many people. ‘Persona’ is a mask and social self. “Persona” is sometimes used in a negative sense, but it is also part of society. However, our name was also the interest and love of Ami. Q. Why did you join ‘Hash’ as ​​a title song collecting artist?

– Sugar: I was looking for an artist to work with. The right person was a man. Two years ago, I met at the Billboard Music Awards. I made a feature suggestion and accepted it. I had fun working. Halsey came to Namyangju to film music videos. It was cold but pleasantly photographed. I was very pleased to come to know my choreography.

Q. How did you get to collaborate with Ed Sirun?

– JHOP: Ed Sirun contacted me first. It was an artist I usually liked and I was able to work easily. Synergy has doubled as RM participated in direct lyrics.

Q. I recently achieved another big success by appearing on SNL. What would be the first viewers to see the BTS through SNL?

– Ji Min: I want you to know the truth that we want to convey through music and stage though language is different. Please note that we are a group that enjoys the stage and performs well. I worry much about the stage. The first stage of a new album is important. There was a good chance of ‘SNL’ and I did not have to worry. Many people were happy to support me. Q. I sold out a two-day performance at Wembley Stadium. How is the relief? – Vu: I was going on a stadium tour this time. Thanks to Amy. I made a commitment that I would like to perform all over the stadium. Many places were sold out. It flickers and shakes. I will try to show you a wonderful appearance.

Q. The BTS is paving the way for many Korean groups that they have not seen before. Do you feel the burden or the strength?

– Jean: Many seniors were able to open the way. It becomes a burden. However, in order to eliminate the burden, we try hard to do our main music. The fans are cheering from the side, so you can lessen the burden.

Q. In the process of moving the group, there is no open-mindedness. The members pledged themselves.

Sugar: At the beginning of his debut, we were talking about self-management, promises, and rules. We talked a lot about our influence. Naturally, the promise, the promise, the atmosphere was created. It is because we all know that we have to give back the love.

– Ji-min: The atmosphere itself was created rather than making a specific commitment. ‘Whatever happens, we are on your side and do not get hurt’. Because there are such people beside it, I usually try to act well.

Q. I’ve talked about social issues, is it also with the next album?

– RM: We think about our influence. The process of all work involves sweat, tears, and pain. Ironic. I have to carry with irony. Life is ironic. But we have to go the way we go and do it with energy. The next album can also be covered.

Q. What part has made the bulletproof boy band now?

– Sugar: I wondered what many people love because we are so special and different. Many parts are different and different. Nowadays I think it is possible to meet special fans. The second bulletproof boy band itself does not exist. We also had a role model, and eventually I became a bulletproof boy band without becoming a role model. A better artist will come out.

Q. About the 21st century Beatles’ foreign reaction?

– RM: Beatles teacher, I’m a fan personally. It becomes modest in such a reaction. It’s just a humblr. However, BTS is a singer who works hard in Korea and I will go ahead as BTS.

Q. What do you think of every time you update your records?

– RM: We celebrate a lot together. At the same time, he was more cautious. I do not think I have conquered the world. We are doing more than our bowl.

Q. How about watching the debut film?

– Ji Min: The members are grumbling. ‘Why did not you let me do my debut debut, the first recording is the most thoughtful. Our fans, not many, come to mind. I am grateful for the situation now. There is a past that I want to erase.

Q. Sugar’s goal is being realized. What is the next goal?

– Jean: That’s Sugar’s question, and I got the answer. The score is important, but I hope that many people will be happy through our music. This album was made for our fans to enjoy.

– Sugar: I’m afraid to talk. There are so many things I want to do. I would like to have a successful stadium tour. Before the tour, he was nominated for two awards at the Billboard Music Awards. I want to get a prize. But in reality I do not know. I would like to receive a prize in one division.

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