The Boyz’s Young-hoon left a message on the 2nd day saying that he respects the boycott of the bulletproof boys in the MBC standard FM (95.9MHz) ‘Idol Radio’.

Yoon-hoon asked if he was too busy in the broadcast, saying, “There is a senior who thought it was so cool to watch a video during the training season.”

Yoonhoon showed a so-called ‘fan-centered’ while being shy at the request of Jeong Il-hoon, a DJ who asked to write a voice mail.

He said, “I really liked the music video of your ‘Hormone War’,” he said. “You seem to be all-in-all. You play well, you look good and you dance well.”

“If you see me later, I will say a loud voice and I will give you a smile.”

“DJ Boyuki” Jeong Ilhun mentioned the Golden Child on Oct. 29, “I respect Kim Jae-beom of Golden Child, so I called him Roy Kim and gave him a phone call and exchanged contacts,” he said in an episode of “Idol Radio” Ventilation.

On the day of the third broadcast, ‘Astro Boyin’, ‘SF9 Whisper’, and ‘The Boys Young-hoon’ showed off their teamwork in a natural way.

They were on hand to demonstrate not only the Medley dance to the Boyz ‘Right Here’, Astro Nietzsche ”, SF9 ‘Bourgeois’, and the’

In addition, Jeong Ilhun DJ, Astro Moonbin, SF9 Whizyear and The Boys Young-hoon were also involved in the consultation of the listeners.

The MBC standard FM ‘Idol Radio’ which can meet ‘the bullshit boys’ in the cool suit is broadcast live from Naver V live (V app) from 9:00 to 10:00 on weekdays.

The relayed contents will be broadcasted on MBC Standard FM (Seoul, Korea 95.9MHz) on the same night from 12: 5-1: 00 (12:00 ~ 1:00 on weekends).

On the other hand, netizens are responding to various SNS and portal sites such as “When the video is sent by the Boyz Young-hoon, the voice becomes a little cute and shy shy”, “Full-scale public eye improvement program”

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