The members of the DreamCatcher group are remembered overseas fans.

The end of Nightmare, the fourth mini-album of Dreamcatcher (Yui Hyun Damie), was released at the Suppen Hall in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 13th.

After the third mini-album ‘Alone In The City’ released last September, Dreamcatcher performed in Europe and South America and met overseas fans.

Jiyu said, “Foreign fans are good at Korean. There are also phrases such as ‘I love you dreamcatcher’ and ‘If you get tired, I’ll take a break’. It is like a fan that is not like my distant fan. Thank you very much. ” I also remember fans who are memorable.

The demonstration “fans like to call out three letters of my name. When I was touring abroad, I was doing a tour when I was touring South America. There was a person who called me “Lee Sehyun”. “I asked him,” Who are you? “He said,” It was the director’s responsibility to call my name in the Taji, and I want to go abroad more. ”

Jiyu said, “There was a person who tattooed the logo on his body. “It was amazing,” he said. Sua said, “I took a tattoo after signing the autograph.” Money from Europe and South America will go on an Asian tour since March.

Damie said, “We are preparing for a concert in Malaysia, Singapore, and April, starting with Jakarta starting March 20th.” Damie also said, “Unlike South America and Europe, the cover song has been different for the country. You can look forward to this special cover song. ”

Han Dong said, “In this concert, I will do a lot of songs as well as a title song. I will work hard and show a good shape, “he revealed his will. Damie said, “It is good to go to a country where you can not see. There are many countries that I have not visited and I want to visit a lot. ”

However,” I have some domestic fans, so we can make activities and make an album. It seems that fans know a lot about overseas fans as they are promoting. I am so grateful to the fans in Korea. ”

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