The charisma of the restructuring expert Sung-hoon, who does not have a single error, captivates his gaze.

Dramax, MBN A new comedy drama “Level Up” is a romantic comedy drama that is struggling to bring out a new game that will save a busted game company by the restructuring specialist Andante (Seong-hoon) .

In the photo, Seonghoon (Andante), who boasts a perfect suited pit, was captured. Especially with his sharp eyes and facial expressions, I feel the charismatic atmosphere. As usual, the usual image of Andante is heard, which is as accurate as a cold appearance and like a knife-like work.

Andante is a person who owns a mechanical mind that relies solely on data to achieve his goals. However, the promise that he will never take over as a game company breaks down and Joy Buster is in charge of the struggle, and his dark inner side is gradually revealed.

In addition, Andante has a cute romance with Park Jang-jeong (Denian Bun), who always pours himself by his side despite his bloodless and tearful personality. In addition, it creates a love line with strange chemistry in relation to the new softening of the podium, and it will show the unexpected humanity and catch the hearts of the audience in the audience with colorful charm.

In this way, Sung-hoon is completing the Andante character which is hidden in the dark inside of the cold appearance through level up.

Meanwhile, ‘Level Up’, which is expected to postpone actor Seonghoon, who foresaw his life character again this summer, will be broadcasted at 11 pm on Wednesday, July 10th.

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