In a phone call with Sports Chosun on the afternoon of the 11th, Kim Ki-deok Film’s official said, “As reported by foreign media, director Kim Ki-deok died in Latvia. My family and I, too, were in a great shock after hearing the news.

“Director Ki-Duk Kim’s family has just heard the news from his friends in Russia,” he said. “The family is also very surprised, and there is no current situation, and the schedule for the funeral has not been decided yet. I plan to decide.”

Earlier, the Latvian media Delphi quoted the words of Vitali Mansky, artistic director at the Russian Art Dog Fest Film Festival, and reported that Kim Ki-duk, who was staying in Latvia, died of complications from Corona 19 at a local hospital on the same day.

According to reports, director Ki-deok Kim has been staying in Latvia since the 20th of last month, and even though he bought a house in Latvia’s Jurmala and obtained a residence permit, his contact was cut off after the 5th of this month. Director Mansky was searching for director Ki-deok Kim and was searching for hospitals.

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