Girl group DIA member Chung Chae-yeon goes to ‘Under Ninth’ special MC.

On December 8, MBC Entertainment, a subsidiary of Diamond Inc., said in a press release, “MBC ‘Under Ninety’ final member Nine Special ‘Undine Ninette debut group’ MC ‘Chung Chae Yeon was confirmed’.

‘Under Ninety’ leaves only the final contest to select nine finalists. The nine selected finalists will be held from 10 pm on the 9th on the 9th of this year through V Special ‘Under the Nineteen Debut Group Audit Committee’.

V-Special ‘Under the Nineteen Debut Group Auditorium’ will show appreciation to the supporters who have supported it for the time, and will show the attraction as idol after being selected as the final member. It is also expected to have time to communicate with supporters for the first time.

Chung Chae-yeon was chosen as the exclusive V MC for this V-Special. In the meantime, Chung Chae Yeon has been recognized as an MC for music programs and has been recognized for his progress.

In addition, Mnet audition program ‘Produce 101’ experienced as a ‘Under the Ninetin’ is likely to form a lot of consensus with the final members.

The “Under 19” finale will air on February 9 at 6 p.m. KST.

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