The group’s red velvet new concept concept costume was caught in suspicion of unauthorized theft.

The designer of the international brand Paris 99 said on Instagram that “Thank you for your interest in the K-pop group, Red Velvet, who was deeply inspired by my work.” No SM has ever contacted, but if they did, they would have been happy to join us, and the company wrote our work with the artist @ ondine.vinao. “I was hurt by taking things and branding as if it were my own.”

In addition, the Red Velvet official Instagram account was uploaded and asked many people to confirm. According to the designer, the design that SM Entertainment has stolen with the concept of a red velvet costume is a check dress with a wave pattern. There is a similar feeling about some of the members wearing.

In this regard, fans are competing with the reaction of ‘looking like a concept’ and ‘general design that can overlap enough’. We need to confirm whether there was direct or indirect discussions and collaborations with SM or Red Velvet style teams that only the designers posted did not know.

The controversial costume is the jacket image of the new red velvet mini album “ The ReVe Festival ‘Day 2’ ‘released on the day. With the release of the title song ‘Umpah Umpah’ at 6 pm, we are interested in whether the theft of costume theft can be resolved.

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