Band DAY6 released his fourth mini-album and came back in six months .

This album is a series of mini-album ‘Shoot Me: Youth Part 1’ released in June, and it contains a message that ‘Remember the moment we are having the most brilliant youth period’. A round interview for their new album release was held at a cafe near Seoul Forest in Seongsu-dong, Seoul on the 11th.

DAY6 , who made his debut in 2015, has literally stood still. He has released two regular albums and four mini albums and has released several single albums. Since June, he has debuted his first world tour since starting in Seoul and has been working on his first world tour in Bangkok, Manila, Toronto, Philadelphia, LA, Sao Paulo, I met them.

In January of next year, I will go on a tour to Europe. It is the appearance of being a position as ‘K pop representative band’.

“This time I prepared an album that suits the winter feeling,” they showed satisfaction with the album’s total of eight tracks. As it has been since its debut, this album also includes all songs by the members, composing and recording the emotions of Dyes Six alone. The theme of the album, “Youth”, was solved with warm feeling in accordance with the sentiment of winter and the end of the year.

The title song was ‘Happy Days’. In the 1980s, the song was a genre of synthpop genres, and Dix Six said that he wanted to convey the nostalgia to the young generation who enjoyed the freshness and the synthpop for young fans. They said, “I’ve been dealing with the synth pop genre a little bit, and this is the first time I’ve worked on it in earnest, and it was a challenge.”

For those who make and play songs directly, the fans and the public aliases them with the nickname ‘Believe in’ (Believe in and hear Dixens). In their last three years since their debut, I asked them what they thought was the best growth.

“In the past, we had a feeling that the audience and we were hesitating about each other, but now we are enjoying the music in a way that we do not care about each other, we play here.” We also think that we have grown enough to lead the audience The audience also seems to encourage us to emit energy. ” (Sung-jin)

Jay said, “It’s a little bit like that now, but I’m a lot on the stage, and when I go on stage, my lips tremble and my hands become paralyzed.

Last year, DAY6 finished a project called “Everyday Six”, which presents two songs a month. “I still do not believe that the song will come out every month, and I think it is tremendously grateful,” said Won-pil. Jay said, “We usually only have a limited number of songs to play as a band, but we did all the songs we wanted to do while doing this project.

The story of the World Tour performance followed. Regarding the different styles of enjoyment and enjoyment of fans by country and region, Jay said, “The energy that the audience sends depends on the country, so our energy has been refreshed every time.” If you go to a certain country, your body is grooved. ”

“I thought it would be boring if I composed the same song and tour, but the member’s condition was different every day and the condition of the instrument was different, so it was new every time. (Sung-jin)

“It was different from country to country. In some areas, I was crazy about lyrical things, and in some areas I liked to dance.” (Young K)

“I was not able to listen to our songs but I was really grateful that I was able to get the energy and I was really grateful. ( DON )

DAY6 wanted to continue trying new genres. Won-pil said, “Our hit song ‘Pretty’ is a rock ballad, but it’s too much for us to do.” I would like to try new things continuously. I will get the same feeling from any moment. ” Won-pil said, “I want to do it personally. I want to use electric guitar with acoustic technique to make it calm music.”

“I think I’m talking about a distinctive sound rather than a genre,” Jay said. “I’ve seen DJ and band collaborate recently, and I’ve got a special feeling,” said Young. We thought it would be fun if we did that. ”

Finally, they expressed their thoughts on youth.

“I think that youth is not only happy, it is not only sick, but I want to listen to our songs to young people in various situations. (Young K)

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