Band Dice Six watches go back to 2019. With the release of the new album, the second Walt tour is expected to take a leisurely year. Dixins met Star News at the mall cafe in Seongsu-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul on the 11th, and conducted a mini-round interview on the mini-album ‘The Book of Us: Gravity’.

Dixes will be releasing the music video for the title song “To be a page” along with the album through various sound source sites at 6 pm on the 15th. ‘The Book of Earth: Gravity’ is an album that solves the story of the relationship people experience with their own sensitivity. The title song ‘To be a page’, ‘For me’, ‘How to love’, ‘Going back’, ‘Packaging’, ‘Best part’ There are six songs in total. This album is also the original song of all songs. Especially, all the members participate in writing and composing, which attracts attention. Sung-jin said, “I do not have any worries when I make comeback, but I am excited and excited.” “It’s getting harder and harder to work on songs,” he said. “I’m feeling that I’m growing up and overcoming them.”

Although the expression ‘believe and listen’ was common, this modifier fits better than Dix Six. There are also articles on the internet that suggest music as ‘Dixie’s secret masterpiece’, and this album is also expecting much before the release. Day Six, too, “I do not want to put as much as the title of” believe listening Day Six, “I,” “believe listening Day Six” called modifiers that have come to the sudden one day downed please call so from that point. At first, we were so good song (Young K.)
Dixness Won,
“I think I should have tried hard not to break that belief.” (Young K)

Six is ​​a band that hears and believes not only in Korea but also abroad. From June last year until March this year, Dix Six held his first world tour. It was a large-scale tour with 28 performances in 24 cities around the world. Dixins felt the gratitude and the burden at the same time. I was grateful for the fact that there were some people who liked Dixie’s music all over the world, but there was also the burden of having to satisfy the musical tendency of many fans. However, Dixins sparkled his eyes as he recalled the love he received from his fans at the last performance.

“We are preparing for the performance, and the fans waiting outside are singing, the voice came through the wall, and I was moved by the impressions before the performance. I also appreciate you sing along with the lyrics in Korean even in distant countries. “(Won Pil)

Generally, when I think of K pop, I think about performance-oriented dance music. The music of Dixens is considered to be expanding its spectrum beyond the typical K pop that is thought in the global market. “We have a lot of performance teams out there in the fashionable K-pop, and we’re happy that we’re in the K-pop market as a band,” Dixie said. This is Dyes Six, who has been expanding his fan base with his own sensibility through the world. What are the strengths of Dexinx? They gathered their mouths and cited “the voices of the five members.” “I think the Day Six sensibility comes from the members’ voices, there are emotions that the voices give, some are soft tones, some are tones of intense power, some are very fascinating, “I think it’s our voice , ” he said, “but the key is our voice, even though it’s a bright song and a sad and sad song.

This year we will start a second world tour with new album release. They will perform in Seoul for three days from August 9 to 11, and will be held in Daegu, Busan, New York and Boston, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, LA, North America, Melbourne, Sydney, Australia, Singapore, Manila, Jakarta, The show will be held 31 times in 26 cities, including Asia, Milan, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Warsaw, Moscow, Lisbon and Madrid. Seoul performance is performed at the Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium, and it is the largest scale in the past.

Sung-jin said, “We have been touring the world for two consecutive years. Thank you so much for loving us so much overseas, and I want to go to many countries and listen to many people.”

Dixins said that one of the reasons for his steadily expanding theaters is “sales of fans”.

“If you look at the letters your fans have sent you, I have a concert with my friends and family and I came back.” It seems to be a great help for fans to keep us proud. (Young K.)

Performing band As for the goal of this album, the performance was expanded instead of the chart rank. “We’re a band with a lot of performances,

When I asked about the dreamy stage, I expressed my desire to open a festival for the Dixness in the open air. Won-pil said, “I would like to have a time to enjoy all together by creating a single performance like a festival.” “We think that our colors match nature well,” says Sung – jin. “It ‘s going to go well with outdoor performances,” he said.

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