Woo Jin – young mentioned JTBC ‘Mix Nine’ debut MuSan.

Mnet ‘Show Me The Money Season 8’, which was broadcast on July 26, showed Woo Jin-young, who confessed about the difficult history.

Woo Jin-young had the first place in the Mix Nine after Mnet ‘Produced 101 Season 2’, but eventually suffered his debut. Woo Jin-young said, “I waited for my debut and it was very hard. I did not anticipate Debutmusan at all because I was waiting for my debut. ”

Woo Jin-young said, “I have never been happy since I was 20 years old. After his father died, he appeared in ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ but he was eliminated, and in ‘Mix Nine’ he got first place but did not make his debut. ‘ Woo Jin-young said, “Idol trainee ‘Show Me Money’ can be seen in bad eyes. But now I want to tell you my story in rap. ” Woo Jin-young showed off his rap skills, but eventually failed in the first qualifying round.

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