Woosuk X Janglin ‘s radio appeared on “Idol Radio” for the first time, and two people DJ in the relaxed atmosphere led by.

Pentagon Woo and Warner One Origin La Lee Kwan-rin’s first unit album name is ‘9801’, which combines the birth dates of two people. Woosuk said, “There were many candidates. After woo-woo’s ‘oooh’, he took the ‘kan of the KAERIN’ and wished to call him ‘GANUU’. ” “I thought of ‘9-8 = 01,’ and added ‘9801’ to my mouth,” he added.

Woosuk commented on the title song ‘Alien’, saying, “I did not think both of them had a high voice. However, we should be careful about the season, and because we are still young, it would be good if we could make a song that was splashy. ”

The unit formation of the two people was also revealed. Raikkarin mentioned Wisok who heard about “resemblance” since he first came to his agency, and an anecdote who got close to eating chicken. “It bothers me, and it has become a common point. So I quickly became friends. ”

La Bella mentions the connections with GOT7 Jackson, who produced and featured the solo song “Hypey” on this album. La Li said, “I met (Jackson) on my first overseas schedule after my debut. I was a rookie and it was my first overseas schedule but I was so good at it. ” “I’m a perfectionist about Jackson’s work style. It took 8 hours to record, “he said.

Woosuk Xiang Lin not only performed his title song ‘Stargazing’ but also medley dance, which is a proprietary patent of ‘Idol Radio’. Woo Seok received the cheers of many fans who visited the Sangam MBC Garden Studio by introducing the Pentagon “Shine” and “Tree Frog”, and La Bellain as a medley dance for Warner One ‘Turn Me’ and ‘Spring Breeze’.

In particular, Woosung called the solo song “DOMINO” recorded in Shinbo for a live response. After completing the stage, Woosuk said, “I was sad to remember when I wrote (lyrics). There was a time when it was really hard. “Lee Kwan-rin, DJ Jeong Il-hoon and listeners got warm comfort.

“This unit will continue to go on without any end,” said Laixerin. “I hope you will enjoy a lot more of this activity as well as this activity.”

The idol radio program of MBC Radio will be broadcasted at MBC Standard FM (Seoul 95.9MHz) and MBC Radio Application mini at 12: 5 ~ 1 pm (12:00 ~ 1:00 pm on weekends and public holidays).

On weekdays from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm, you can see the radio from the Naver V live (V app) before the broadcast.

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