Girl group Crayon Pop Choa and Wei return with their new song after three years.

Hifly Music announced on September 5 that it will release a new single ‘My Space’ of Choa and Way through various music sites.

‘My Universe’ is an indie-style pop ballad with an emotional atmosphere. Choa and Wei, who were the first twin unit strawberry milk in the idol group, once again exhibited a special synergy because it was a long time new song.

The two are likely to share the beautiful lyrics of ‘My Universe’ in a mysterious tone and more mysterious tones, and to dominate the love of the listeners as a more emotional vocalist than ever before.

Choa said, “I am excited to be able to greet you with new music for a long time after crayon pop activities. In the meantime, I will show you how I grew up. I hope my universe will bring a lot of excitement to everyone. ”

“We’re excited and grateful to announce our music for the first time in a while,” Wei said. My Universe was a song I really liked when I first heard it. I’m glad to finally be able to listen to the fans I’ve been waiting for. I want to convey this feeling through a song. ”

Choa started acting in earnest with KBS2 ‘High School: Love On’, and recently became a performer by performing her role as Lingling, a Chinese girl who loves Ahn in the musical ‘Hero’. Wei opened the YouTube channel ‘Wayland’ and succeeded in becoming a creator with 150,000 subscribers. Two people who stand out in their respective areas are interested in what kind of music they will offer through their new song ‘My Universe’ after three years.

Service Above Self and the way is scheduled for September 2 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 appeared on a radio that looks SBS FM ‘of Choi Hwa-jeong Power Time’ which goes to Special for this new song ‘My Space’ seongonggae. ”

Meanwhile, the Hi Fly Music (HighFlyMusic) is a music production that designs and produces various media contents through music as well as music containing the artist’s personality.

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