“Cool sexy star” with full energy and refreshing charm, and advertising shooting scene where a party with friends is enjoyed on the hot summer beach.

Sprite recently unveiled an ad hit-cut with a singer-songwriter and a long-time actor who were selected as an advertising model.

In the public photos, Seung Ha and Seung-Yong attracted attention by showing their individuality and charm at the seaside and enjoying the cool summers. Having perfected the beach look of the tropical pattern with a sense of refreshment, Sungha has jumped into the sea to enjoy surfing with his friends and enjoyed the summer by getting into surfing. In addition, Jang-yong was a “cool sexy boss” and he was jumping with Cliff jumping. He led a party at the beach and enjoyed a refreshing summer party with his friends.

Cheongha and long-haul were playing with each other and dancing with their arms around, and they were full of energy and led the atmosphere of the shooting studio. Thanks to the smile and energy of the long-term use of the municipal government, which forgot the heat, the staffs admired the fact that they were “attracted to the appeal of being cool and long-term.”

Sprite’s new TV commercial, which will be released in May, Seunghee is busy preparing for a comeback in June, and long-term drama “Enter the search query” which is scheduled to be broadcast in early June, is cast on WWW and is attracting attention as an expected actor this summer.

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