MC Kim Dong-hyun appeared in the place of Jung Hyung-don on Channel A’s’My Baby Like Gold for Parenting’, broadcast on the 11th.

Heomin expressed his concern, “The second was born. The number of groups increased compared to the time when the first was alone in love. After the second was born, it was bound to be neglected by the first. Then, the voice of the child started to grow,” he said.

Heo Min and Jung In-wook are receiving child-raising help from the grandfather of their father-in-law, Geum. At the appearance of the grandfather, the studio panels said “It’s great.”

Grandfather actively contributed not only to childcare but also to housework. Hong Hyun-hee admired, “There are rumors that the love of her daughter-in-law is already great in Daegu.” Heo Min admitted, “Let’s be insane with words these days. You love your daughter-in-law more than your son.”

First, Heo Min followed the rhythm by jumping and playing with the gold side. Dr. Eun-young Oh praised, “Mother knows the characteristics of the child well. Geumyeon is a child with high energy and high competitive spirit. Because of his understanding of the child, he is leading in a good direction.”

Geumsik stood up wearing a diaper and stooled. “You have to train your bowels too. One of the important points in bowel training is that you cover your stool before you urinate. If you can cover your urine, you can cover your stool. Even if you wear a diaper, you have to practice sitting on the toilet.” He explained.

Geumsui was annoyed by his grandfather holding his younger brother and kicked himself and showed radical appearance. He also lied to Heo-min, saying, “My grandfather kicked me,” after showing problematic behaviors such as picking up a taller mobile and throwing it at his grandfather.

Shin Ae-ra said, “Having a younger brother is the same stress as my husband bringing another woman to live with. I’m smiling, but I’m not comfortable with my stomach.” The panels said about the myth, saying, “When you enter the house from the postpartum care center, you have to buy a gift.”

Dr. Eun-Young Oh said, “It is more important to be honest than anything else.’My younger brother may be embarrassed to you. Mom and Dad will take care of your younger brother a lot. You are the sun and your younger brother is the moon. The sun is precious and the moon is precious, It’s good to say that both of these things are important.’ I hope you’re thinking about how to have a sincere conversation with a big child rather than an incidental one.”

Also, regarding breast milk, he added, “I wish not to directly connect breast milk to motherhood. Depending on the situation, you may have to go to work or the amount of breast milk may be small. Depending on the situation, it is important to try to raise the child in a comfortable manner.”

Dr. Eun-Young Oh advised, “There is always a need for a hierarchical order in the house. Just because they are close are not the same friends. It is necessary to say thank you to your grandfather and establish a hierarchical order naturally through massage play.”

The family of Heo Min and Jung In-wook also held a birthday party for Geumsik. Following Oh Eun-young’s advice, “I think it would be better to participate in the child-raising of her younger brother,” she presented a baby doll to her. Heo Min said, “Just because a younger brother is born does not mean that he only loves his younger brother.”

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