Singer Suh Chungha announced his comeback announcement on the second anniversary of his solo debut.

MNH Entertainment announced on its 7th day that it will announce its new album on the 24th and will come back in about 5 months after ’12 o’clock already.’

The debut song “Why Do not You Know”, which debuted as a solo artist on June 7, 2017, and “Love U” I was hot. Through this new album, Seunghee plans to once again demonstrate the merits of the musician’s summer queen.

Especially, as the songs that are announced from ‘Waidonchuno’ to ‘Roller Coaster’, ‘Love Yu’ and ‘already 12 o’clock’ are going on, they will be watched whether or not they will succeed in 5 consecutive hits. do.

Through his agency, Lee said, “Thanks to the fans, the second anniversary was possible and I can not forget. I will work hard so that I can make good memories for a long time in the future. “” Thank you for all those who supported me and watched so far. I would like to have a lot of interest and love for the new song that will soon be released, “he said, conveying his impression of the second anniversary of his solo debut.

To commemorate the second anniversary of the debut solo debut and the anniversary of the official fan club star Haarang, we will hold a fan party ‘Star Haarang Cheonghaang’ video & exhibition at Lotte Cinema World Tower 8 for three days from 7th to 9th.

I will share the special memories that I shared with my fans with the video of the fan meeting held last March.

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