Chungha will be back with a new song in June.

On March 13, an agency official at MNH Entertainment said in the Star News that “Chungha is scheduled to be comebacked in June,” and “the specific schedule is in tune.”

It is now six months after the release of the single “already 12 o’clock” in January.

Chungha started his career as a project group Io Ai member through ‘Produce 101’ season 1 of Mnet. After that, he went to stand alone by preparing a solo album after finishing his activities.

After completing his debut song ‘Why Do not You Know’ released in June 2017, Lee Jung-hwa has succeeded in succession for every song he has released until ‘Roller Coaster’, ‘Love U’ and ‘already 12 o’clock’.

There is much anticipation in the new song that Chungha will announce this summer.

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